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Email: ctkbutler@aol.com

Telephone:+44(0)7939 285784

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Cormac Butler is a former options trader and  consultant with Lombard Risk Systems London and has also worked with KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He has considerable international experience as a trainer in insurance, derivativeaccounting, corporate finance and derivative mathematics, working with major banksincluding BNP Paribas, and has advised insurance companies on the implementation of Solvency 2, Embedded Value and Basel 3.

He also specialises in the accounting frameworks particularly insurance (IFRS 4) andfinancial instrument accounting (IFRS 9). He has conducted in-house courses forMorganStanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Holland), Investec (South Africa) and ABBSwitzerland and Asian Development Bank.

In addition, he has worked for IIR and Euromoney in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand,America and Saudi Arabia. Cormac graduated fromthe University of Limerick, Irelandwith a degree in finance. He has published two books, Mastering Value at Risk (FinancialTimes Pitman) and Accounting for Financial Instruments by Wiley.

Cormac has also given evidence to the UK House of Lords